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Feel plugged into the wonder of life with regular Biofeedback frequencies to support your well-being and harmonise your life! Whilst at the same time gaining key insights into how to look after your health.

Receive monthly themed biofeedback wellness frequencies directly to your phone or device of choice and play them daily to shift your world in a very positive way!

If you don’t have it already, you will need the Quanta Capsule on your device to receive these frequencies.

This is a one-off purchase that always includes frequencies for a complete chakra balance and solfeggio tones for you to play straight away whenever you need to come back into a better state of balance.

When we join with a group of like-minded souls the energy of the group brings powerful results! Setting our intention to commit to our well-being and raising our vibration can seriously improve our health.

What's Included ?

Regular themed biofeedback frequencies support your well-being in various key ways.

A group of priority frequencies of various potential imbalances is identified for the current month's theme. Once identified they are sent directly out to the group members via email.

The balancing frequencies are then uploaded into their Quantum Capsule – from here everyone can see the individual frequencies which they can then download and play!Group Wellness Sessions

Thirty minutes a day is all that is needed. Ideally, this is an opportunity to take 30 minutes out to rest and recharge whilst you allow the frequencies to shift your energy!

Others prefer to play the frequencies in the background when they’re working or doing other things. Or of course, you can choose to play them on waking first thing to set you up ready for your day! The wonderful thing is you can play them whenever is convenient for you.

After seven days the person’s energy starts to shift and change - a new set of frequencies under that month's theme is then identified again, and a new set of frequencies to match that change is sent out.

This happens every Monday for one month – A new and different theme then begins for the next month. 

With each theme, there are frequencies included to support your emotional well-being as the shifts and changes take place.

There is a free 30-minute webinar and email giving you extra support and information on the month's theme to enhance your experience and support your progress.

If you don’t have it already, you will need the Quanta Capsule on your device to receive these frequencies – Get My Quanta Cap Now

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Please note that as a biofeedback practitioner, I do not promise any kind of “cure” or diagnose any kind of infection or pathology of any kind. I am simply an observer of the information and report the objective ENERGETIC information.







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