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Staying in balance and why it’s so important

Balancing your energy system can seriously improve your health!

When our energetic systems are out of balance then our body finds it much harder to operate. Little niggles like digestive issues, aches & pains, no energy or enthusiasm…the list goes on… and then we say things like “Well, I’m getting older so that’s bound to happen!” Not so. All these things can be your body’s way of telling you that you need to address the balance. When we get back in balance life can feel very different. The body is an amazing piece of kit, and given the right tools is more than capable of getting back in balance. When we balance the body’s energies we balance the body’s chemistry, therefore helping the body to regulate and heal itself; we start to sleep better, think better and feel better.

Most importantly by keeping our energy in balance we are future proofing our long term health by taking responsibility for our health and empowering ourselves to make the external changes that we need to.

Before we change the world around us we first need to change our thinking.

  Staying in balance and why it’s so important

What is Mindfulness and Meditation About?

It has become such a ‘buzz’ word these days that it can sometimes lose its’ true meaning and get lost in all the other fancy lifestyle buzz words out there!

Mindfulness is a process - slowly cultivating present moment awareness. That means learning to spend time simply ‘being in the moment’. There are many ways of achieving this, for some it’s yoga or meditation, for others it might be a sport, where they are so focussed they are ‘fully present’ with each moment, for someone else it might be simply sitting in nature. Whatever way you choose, by learning to be present moment by moment and finding a practice that helps you do this, will help you become more aware of yourself, your environment and those around you.

Cultivating self awareness gives us the opportunity to engage with our thoughts and behaviours in a different way; In following and learning a mindfulness process you’re able to become more skilful in dealing with life’s challenges (be they physical, mental or emotional) and have the opportunity to change old patterns of behaviour. When we start to change our behaviours in this way, it really is powerful stuff.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. - Wayne Dyer

Meditation & Mindfulness are really part of the same thing. The meditation part is like taking your brain to the gym for a daily workout and the mindfulness is a gradual result of this practice – cultivating awareness.

Meditation can sometimes end up feeling like an arduous task or seem very tedious and simply hard to fit into our day, even when it is only for 15 minutes a day! This is one of the reasons I love the Sound Gong Bath. The gongs almost give us a short cut to a space that can provide us the perfect opportunity to just ‘be’ with the added bonus of clearing our energy field.

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