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What do I mean by stress?

Stress of course consists of everyday worries that may include job stress, financial issues, relationship problems, having enough time etc., which of course play their part under the heading ‘stress’. When we refer to the word ‘stress’ in Health Kinesiology terms, we actually mean anything which disturbs the body’s ‘natural balance’. So this of course will include the regular day to day stuff but also the following:

Environmental stress such as foods, pollens, EMF – electromagnetic stress from phones, computers, power lines, WiFi, x-rays, microwave ovens, televisions etc. Negative and positive thought patterns (thoughts can be toxic too!), Fears, Belief Systems and Emotions.

All of the above can be causing stress to our body in varying degrees, making it difficult for us to stay in balance. Using Health Kinesiology & Biofeedback I can identify and treat which ‘stressors’ are causing energetic disturbances.

 What do I mean by stress?

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