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What are Energy Blocks?

When something is weighing you down emotionally, mentally or physically, it is a sign that your energy flow is out of balance. These accumulated imbalanced energies caused through various unprocessed stress/thought patterns/old conditioning are what we call ‘Energy blocks’. These ‘Energy blocks’ cannot always release themselves naturally. Hence one of the reasons I do this work and I regularly have this work done on myself! -Health Kinesiology. It’s like emptying the laundry basket, we don’t just leave all our washing there to fester - we empty it out and start again. Life is always throwing one kind of stress or another at us and it’s the way we deal with it that impacts our own lives….either in a bad way…or a good way. Keeping our entire energy system clear and flowing is vital for great health. Experiencing regular Sound Gong Baths is another great way to do this.

What Do Energy Blocks look like?

Energy Blocks can show themselves in all sorts of ways. We may start to get unexplained physical symptoms, or they may show up as ‘old patterns’ repeating themselves; ‘self-sabotage’ is a common one. A lot of these ‘Energy blocks’ are outmoded ‘unconscious’ thinking and/or conditioning that no longer serve us. Only trouble is they will keep being played out and stop us from moving forward until we release them and hence change the pattern.

Every day, whatever we’re doing, we’re acting out our beliefs. Beliefs are what give us our perspective on life. When we release ‘Energy blocks’ we can release old programing/conditioning (old beliefs), which can then give us a ‘new perspective’. When this happens our thought processes change and we can see things differently – thus taking ‘new action’ and achieving what we would love to achieve!

Having a regular mindfulness practice can really help us in the process of releasing energy blocks.

Energy Blocks

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