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The Assemblage Point

We all have an assemblage point, which is the epicentre of the human energy field. It is where a cluster of energy lines in our energy field come together at one exact point; the centre of the chest (slightly higher in women and slightly lower in men). The position of the assemblage point influences the state of all other energy systems and has a huge impact on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Infrared digital thermometers and infrared image scanners show that the Assemblage Point has a temperature 0.2 of a degree lower than the surrounding skin. Physicist Ron Trott did scientific measurements of the Assemblage Point.

Correcting a displaced assemblage point can dramatically improve a client’s health, even if it is slightly off centre.

Why your assemblage point may move:

Traumatic events, shock, major life change such as divorce, bereavement or changing jobs, long term illness, a nasty bout of flu, or simply a continuous build-up of continuous stress can dislodge your assemblage point. The symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the degree of displacement.

Signs of the assemblage point having shifted out of place:

Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Exhaustion, Apathy, Mood Swings, Chronic Fatigue, feeling generally run down and unable to change things. Unexplained mood and behavioural changes. Not feeling ‘quite right’ but don’t know why, often leading to a difficulty of where to focus attention.

Sometimes, we just no longer feel ‘ourselves’ and don’t know why we no longer feel like we used to, or we no longer feel able to cope with life’s everyday challenges. Some people say they just no longer feel happy and have lost their ‘spark’.

All of the above are signs that our assemblage point has moved.

Assemblage Point Re-Alignment

Once the Assemblage Point is re-aligned most people will usually feel instantly different. They tend to feel more relaxed and positive about life. As well as feeling calmer, they tend to re-gain their confidence along with a new enthusiasm for life and a new sense of self-worth which is beautiful to witness!

Other treatments also tend to ‘hold’ much better and have a greater impact where before they’ve previously made no real difference. This is why correcting the Assemblage Point is such valuable work, especially in those cases where someone has tried many different treatments and nothing has really helped.

Following the Assemblage Point correction with a Sound Bath is a wonderful experience and highly beneficial while the correction itself is integrated into the body. This combination is a must have experience.

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