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The Auric Field / Energy Body

Along with the meridians and chakras we also have our Auric energy field going out from the body. You’ve probably heard some people describe this as your aura or energy body.

The energy flow within our energy field is vital to good health, it’s the body’s magic! What is happening in our energy field impacts our physical health and greatly effects the way we feel. It consists of many different layers, all of which connect into our chakras which directly provide our physical body with energy via the meridians.

Your aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that graduates out all around your body. It interconnects with all the different layers of your energy field (of which there are many) and is a good indicator of an individual’s overall health; the bigger and brighter it is, the stronger your ‘life force’ energy - making you feel more alive, present and energised. If you have a weak, depleted aura your energy will most likely feel sluggish and fatigued.


Everyone has their own unique aura emitting its’ own energetic pattern, colour and vibration. Have you ever walked into a room of people and immediately felt good or maybe not so good about the atmosphere of that room or the feeling you get from the people in that room? What you feel, (good or bad) would be picking up on the ‘Energy field’ of those people or the ‘Energy’ left over in that room from previous people or events.

There is a great deal of reading out there on this subject and if you would like a more detailed scientific understanding of the energy body and how energy medicine works then I would recommend Bruce Lipton (cell biologist) ‘The Biology of Belief’ and James L. Oschman ‘Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis’.

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